Feuillette Noir

A crunchy almond and hazelnut praliné coated with 60% cocoa dark chocolate.

Ingredients: Cane sugar (35%), cocoa (30%), almond (15%), wafer (10%), hazelnut (10%), vanilla pod (1%).


The cabosses are 72% cocoa nut, filled with dark ganache, molded in the unique shape of the cocoa tree fruit.

Ingredients: Cocoa, cane sugar, butter, sorbitol, whole milk powder, vanilla pod.

Amandier Lait

A delicious almond and hazelnut praliné square, covered with roasted almond grains and covered in milk chocolate.

Ingredients: Cane sugar (40%), almond (20%), cocoa (15%), whole milk powder (15%), hazelnut (10%), vanilla pod.

Croustillant Lait

A classic praliné piece, made with finely chopped roasted almonds and hazelnuts, coated with 50% cocoa milk chocolate.

Ingredients: Cane sugar (30%), cocoa (30%), whole milk powder (14%), almond (15%), hazelnut (10%), vanilla pod (1%).


A delicate Gianduja swirl comprising two croquant pearls (roasted almond grains cooked in a caramelized sugar) filled with the finest praliné.

Ingredients: Cane sugar (40%), cocoa (30%), hazelnut (10%), almonds (10%), whole milk powder (5%), glucose syrup (5%), butter, vanilla pod (1%).

Feuillette Blanc

A crunchy almond and hazelnut praliné, coated in a melt-in-your-mouth ivory chocolate.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, cocoa butter, wafer, hazelnut, almond, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, butter, vanilla pod.