Estate Coffees

After finding such success perfecting chocolate creations for the Royal Court, Debauve & Gallais diversified into compiling its rarified selection of tea and coffee. Today, Debauve & Gallais has continued the traditions of its founders, offering a selection of exclusive Estate Coffees to connoisseurs, which represent less than 1% of worldwide choice crops. Each vintage blend originates from one single estate, and although they display different characteristics, they share an exceptional taste. Carefully harvested, shipped and roasted, these beans will satisfy even the most demanding of palates, having been selected and prepared by the world’s finest coffee hunters.

Debauve & Gallais offers global coffee bean variations, such as the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (from the country’s highlands), characterized by its rich body; and the Blue Mountain Wallenford of Jamaica, with its smooth, distinguished taste - this particular coffee has a reputation for being one of the most sought-after and coveted in the world. The Debauve & Gallais portfolio also include the Nicaraguan El Limoncillo, known as the “elephant bean” because of its sheer size, which is also renowned for its fruity - yet spicy- synthesis. Complementing these beans is the Kenyan Gethumbwini - a deep, richly flavoured bean with an elegant piquancy.

Travel the world with the superior Debauve & Gallais coffee bean selection.

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