Les Pistoles

des Dames

A rich, 60% cocoa chocolate with a delicate taste of orange tree flowers, created for the ladies -- “Des Dames”.

Ingredients: Cocoa (60%), cane sugar (37%), flavoring (2%), vanilla pod (1%).

Saveur 85%

With one of the highest concentrations of cocoa in the Debauve & Gallais selection, this 85% cocoa specialty is dedicated to connoisseurs.

Ingredients: Cocoa (85%), cane sugar (14%), vanilla pod (1%).

des Demoiselles

A 60% cocoa dark chocolate pistole flavored with orgeat cream, dedicated to young ladies - “Des Desmoiselles”.

Ingredients: Cocoa (60%), cane sugar (37%), orgeat cream (2%), vanilla pod (1%).

des Affligés

A strong delicacy with a hint of bitter coffee and 60% cocoa dark chocolate, this piece was originally created for “distressed people”.

Ingredients: Cocoa (60%), cane sugar (34%), coffee (5%), vanilla pod (1%).

de la Reine

The Queen’s delicacy: flavored with almond milk, encased in 60% cocoa milk chocolate and decorated with silk-printed Debauve & Gallais coat of arms.

Ingredients: Cocoa (60%), cane sugar (37%), almond milk (2%), vanilla pod (1%).